What is Private Labeling?

The concept of private label skin care involves selling quality skin care products to customers in a way that is both cost-effective and inline with your brand vision. This allows you to have complete control in creating your own customized products, thereby increasing trust with your customers and building your business’s reputation as a trustworthy service provider. 

To be effective, retailers such as yourself must select a trusted product manufacturer who will provide you with superior products, a quick turnaround time, and fair product pricing. Compared to a potentially large investment in contract manufacturing for product development, testing and much more, private labeling is easy, efficient and more affordable. 

Beauty Branding Lab is a private label manufacturing online platform to customize and create your own beauty products in just a few clicks. 


Why Should I Consider Private Label Skin Care? 

There are numerous private label skincare manufacturers across the world, but many are looking to work with larger brands with a starting order quantity of 3,000+ units per product. With Beauty Branding Lab we allow you to create your collection starting at just 24 pieces! Our easy-to-use model simplifies the process while offering a world-class customer experience and the quickest turnaround in the business. 


Additional Beauty Branding Lab Business Benefits: 

Branding & Customer Loyalty: Set yourself apart from your competitors and offer products that they cannot get elsewhere. If customers like your business, they’ll be back for more and tell their friends! 


Increase Revenue & Growth: Increase business revenue or gain additional income by selling product offerings that are in demand for your customer base.

High Profits: Gain better profit margins compared to selling other brands or investing in manufacturing.

Easy Upsell: Make more money from each transaction by selling products with any services you may already offer. 

Superior Products: No need to create your own product formulation. Private label products are just as good in quality. 



What are the Steps to Create My Products? 

Watch our How-To Video or Follow the Steps below to click and create!


STEP 1 - Choose the products you'd like to sample, purchase and enjoy evaluating them. 

STEP 2 - Once you’ve evaluated the samples, come back to Beauty Branding Lab and select your products for customization.

STEP 3 - Select your label designs created by our expert designers and add your custom information like Product Name, Brand Name and more. 

STEP 4 - Within seconds you’ll see a render of your fully customized product! **Be sure to take time to review every aspect of your label design and the information included because once you have approved it, we go to print.  

STEP 5 - Receive your products in 10-14 days and begin selling! 


Can I Design Products on Your Mobile Site?  

While it is possible to create and customize products on your mobile phone, we recommend using your desktop or iPad for the best possible user experience. Keep in mind that you will be adding product details and reviewing your label closely before going to print, so the review process will be best experienced on your desktop.   

Can I Speak with a BBL Team Member by Phone?  

BBL is a completely online platform. While we cannot offer phone consultations, we CAN answer any questions you may have via email and chat from 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.   

Do You Accept Returns?

Due to the customized nature of our products, all goods are sold as a final sale.  However, we may accept returns and provide refunds, store credits, or exchanges for products purchased in the last 30 days in some circumstances:


  1. When a customer receives a product that is different from what was ordered

  2. When products are determined to be defective and photos proving proof of the damages can be provided.

  3. Other circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 


It is our policy to only accept returns of unopened, unused, and sellable items and only when accompanied by a pre-approved RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).  Requests for RMAs must be made through our customer service department and can only be accepted for orders under 30 days old. 

All returns must be shipped back using the return label provided by customer service. Returned products that are determined to be non-defective may be subject to a 20% rework fee.

Any items returned to Beauty Branding Lab without an accompanying printed Return Merchandise Authorization will not be eligible for refund. 

Sample Product Return Exception: Samples are purchased for product testing and are sold as a final sale. There will be no refunds for any sample kit orders.


Where are You Located?

Our head office/fulfillment center and our manufacturing facility are located in South Florida. All of our skin care products are blended, bottled and manufactured by us!


Are Your Product Formulas Vegan or Natural?

Our chemists combine the best of science with nature to deliver the most potent formulations in the skin care and beauty industry. Comprised of the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world, our clinical-grade formulas are safe and effective.

Depending on the formulation, you will find skin care products that are paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, talc-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Simply look at the product profile to see which best suits your needs.


What Packaging Options Do You Offer?

We offer two great packaging options that match any style and/or brand positioning. Choose from Clear with White Tops or Amber with Black Tops. 


How Much Does Starting My Own Beauty Brand Cost? What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

There is no startup fee! All sales are one-time purchases. You can start out by ordering samples or a sample kit of the products you’d like to try before selling. 

For custom private label, our minimum order quantity is 24 units per formula. Unit pricing varies, depending on your quantity. Individual pricing is listed on each individual product page 

How Do I Price My Products?

Pricing is completely up to you. As both the manufacturer and retailer, you determine what is the best strategy to make the best profit margin. 

Our products are high-end, USA-made and should be priced accordingly. Here are some suggested ranges:

Face & Eye Serums: $25 – $85
Creams & Moisturizers: $30 – $90
Masks & Scrubs: $25 – $90
Cleansers: $20 – $60
Lip Products: $10 – $40
Lash Serum: $30 – $60
Treatment Products: $50 – $100



Are Your Products FDA Approved? 

Cosmetics are not registered with the FDA, but the FDA regulates cosmetics and their labeling. Claims that intended to affect/change structure of skin, hair or body are considered drug claims by the FDA. Any product with these claims will be considered non approved drugs and selling non approved drugs is illegal.


Can I Sell on Amazon?

Yes, you can sell on Amazon. We have Certificate of Analysis (CoA) documents for your products that we can provide. 


Do I Need Product Insurance?

You do not need to obtain product insurance. If there is ever a liability claim or other legal dispute regarding the product’s formula, you may disclose that Beauty Branding Lab is the manufacturer of your products. Our insurance covers cases of a lawsuit regarding our products. If we produce a product that causes an issue with one of your customers, our insurance will cover our end if we’re named in the lawsuit.

We do recommend that customers obtain their own business insurance to protect them against any legal matters for their business.


What Information is Required on Product Labels? What is Compliance?

We go to the highest measures to ensure your products and their labels meet all FDA requirements and regulations. By doing so, our industry-leading quality and compliance team protects you.

When it comes to the label or product descriptions, we (Beauty Branding Lab or our customers) cannot claim that the product/formula makes a physical change to the skin, hair or body or affects the structure or function of skin, hair or body (this would be a drug claim). We can only claim that it changes the appearance of the skin and that products are for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance (since these are cosmetic claims).

Label requirements include:

  • Product Name

  • Fill Quantity

  • Directions

  • Distribution Information

    • Company or Personal Name

    • City, State & Zip

    • Email, Website or Phone #

  • Ingredients


What Design Options Do You Offer?

At Beauty Branding Lab we allow you to design your own custom labels using our collection of label templates that you can view here. Simply upload your logo and begin creating!


What File Format Will Be Supported By the Site to Upload My Logo?

We recommend using the most high resolution image you have available for upload. JPEG, PNG, PDF and EPS can all be uploaded successfully.


Do You Have Designers that Can Help Me Create My Labels? 

Currently we do not offer this service, however we are continuously looking for ways to help you achieve your branding goals. Reach out to our team at to let us know you’re interested in this service for the future. 


How Does the Label Design Proofing Process Work?

This is a very simple and straight-froward process. Our platform allows you to create your label and review in real time. Once you are happy with the product label render, simply add to cart and complete payment. **Be sure to take time to review every aspect of your label design and the information included because once you have approved it, we go to print.  

Please note: Digital proof colors and actual printed colors may vary. This is due to screen monitors displaying colors differently than in person. Printed labels may appear darker due to inked paper versus a bright, illuminated screen. Our team ensures your labels will print as accurate as possible to your proofs. Using multiple screens may also vary the appearance of the label colors.


How Does the Manufacturing Process Work?

Once you create your label designs and complete your purchase, we will send your designs off to our in-house print team. Your labels will be printed using top-of-the-line laser printers on satin, matte labels. Once your labels are ready, our fulfillment team will label your products. 


How Long Does it Take to Receive My Order?

We pride ourselves not only on quality and support but also on efficiency. Our lead time is the fastest in the industry. Receive your custom-branded products in about 12 business days. This time may vary depending on your artwork, order size, and proofing process.


What is Your Payment, Refund and Return Policy?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We have the most up-to-date security systems for handling online payments.

If your item or items have been damaged during shipping, we will gladly issue a refund for your order or resend your products. Email a photo of your damaged products with your Order # as the subject to

Do You Ship Products Internationally?


At this time Beauty Branding Lab is only available to ship within the United States. 


How Do I Create My Account or Reset My Password?

To purchase from us, you must create an account first. Click here and select REGISTER to easily sign up.

Click here to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to your inbox (check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it right away).

To change your password, visit your Account Details section of your account. Enter your current password, then enter your new password and re-enter to confirm. Click the Save Changes before leaving the page.

Which product formulations are similar to what I may have been ordering at your partner site Cosmetic Solutions?

CS Formula Code        BBL Product Name                  Cosmetic Solutions Name

AO02                                      Vitamin C Serum                              Super C Calming Serum

CL02                                    Hydrating Cleanser                             Soothing Milk Cleanser

CL07                                    Balancing Cleanser                         Rose Hip Radiance Cleanser

EL03                          Dark Circle Defense Eye Cream         Vitamin K, DCS & Arnica Eye Cream

EL07                                   Firming Eye Cream                                Cucumber Eye Cream

EL08                              Volumizing Lip Plumper                               Instant Lip Plumper

EL28                         Lash & Brow Enhancing Elixir                                 Peptide Lash

EX03                     Brightening Boost Exfoliator Pads                 Bright Beauty Peeling Pads

MK04                    Clarifying Mask & Spot Treatment              Therapeutic Zing & Sulfer Mask

MK19                                    Collagen Mask                                  Overnight Collagen Mask

ML75                                 Botanical Facial Mist                            Refreshing Cooling Spray

MS14                         Gel Cream Facial Moisturizer                  Glacier Gel Cream Moisturizer

MS43                              Moisturizing Day Cream                                Hyaluronic Cream

MS48                               Hydration Boost Serum                         100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid

MS57                                  Rich Night Cream                                 Rich Repairing Night Cream

PC12                           Brightening Boost Serum                        HGF Triple Brightening Serum

PS95                       Pore Refining Gel Moisturizer                               BHA Salycilic Lotion

TN28                                  Brightening Toner                                   Herbal Brightening Toner

YL02                         Anti-Aging Recovery Serum         Youth Recovery + Blemish Defense Night Serum

YL17                                      Retinol Cream                                     Encapsulated Retinol Cream

YL91                                  Poly Peptide Serum                                       Multi-Peptide Serum