Hit a Home Run with the Perfect Retail Pitch

How do you hit a home run when it’s time to pitch?

You have invested time, money and knowledge into developing your brand. You have spent countless hours perfecting your formulas and mapping out your portfolio. You have built your brand from the ground up, including a user friendly, eye catching website.

What's next? It's now time to pitch your brand to the retailer! It all boils down to this brief moment in time. So how do you hit a home run when it’s time to pitch?

PREPARE: First off, it is extremely important to know your audience. Do your due diligence and learn important details about the retailer that you are presenting to. It will be a key pillar to your success, as you will gain their interest quickly if you tailor your pitch accordingly. Your pitch will vary from a large department store to a local boutique. For example, if you are presenting